From my Diary

Your body is a complex machine.
There are a million procedures happening simultaneously inside you right now.

Your mind is thinking; your eyes sending what you’re reading (right now) to the brain in a flash; your lungs are breathing; your ears listening; enzymes are digesting; your heart pumping blood; the kidneys and all organs running coordinated independent functions at the same time this exact second.

Its crazy – your body is a second by second incarnation of genius.
It is that one thing man can not comprehend.
He may heal it, fix some of its organs, but will never understand all its secrets.
It is the magnum opus of a genius god.

The basic complexities of the human body should evoke thought in you.
Sometimes you should ask the Self;
What genius built me – who put these amazing gizmos in me?
For what purpose? – why would a Being with such Genius; such Wisdom and enormous Power spare his time to create this complex system I carry?

What does that being want of me?
…surely there must be some Powerful Purpose – he wouldn’t create Masterpiece only to destroy it.

It is sad that many of us are often destroyed before finding that Powerful Purpose for which we were so ingeniously created.

I keep asking myself a lot;
What does this being want of me?
In what ways should I pay the debt of my creation?
I restlessly seek,in this Life, the answers we only find in Death.

Oh my gods, I think I think too much…